Impact Litigation

At Vision Legal, Inc., we strongly believe that when companies take advantage of their superior bargaining power, whether with their employees or their consumers, they gain unfair and unlawful advantage over others that are following the law and playing by the rules.

Often the many victims of these company practices have each only been cheated out of small sums. Thus, it would not be practical or efficient for these individuals to pursue their own cases alone. Instead, with one class or collective action, all their harms may be addressed and adjudicated collectively. In this way, class actions are an integral and indispensable tool for holding companies accountable for widespread conduct.

Class action litigation is often referred to as “impact litigation” because it has the power to create social change and end policies and practices that harm many individuals. A class or collective action can effectively and efficiently adjudicate the claims of many who have suffered injuries based on the same, or similar, conduct and to end that conduct once and for all.

The reality is that even the most sophisticated employees and consumers rarely understand their full legal rights, or have the financial wherewithal to engage in complex litigation. And when company practices are deceptive or coercive, the individuals harmed often have no idea that they are victims, or are too scared or intimidated to speak up.

Lawyers at Vision Legal, Inc., have helped hundreds of employees and consumers in class, collective, and representative actions, who have been victimized by unlawful corporate policies and practices. We have witnessed firsthand the tremendous power of the class action device to vindicate the rights of a group of people and right public wrongs.

If you are concerned about a company’s policies, practices, or products that may have harmed you, or someone you love, then contact a lawyer experienced in complex class action litigation at Vision Legal, Inc. so that you can start looking out for yourself and your legal rights.

Vision Legal, Inc. is dedicated to fighting and ending unjust corporate policies and practices that harm individuals. We utilize the law to affect meaningful change in people’s lives and to ensure a just and fair playing field for everyone.