Consumer Protection

Consumer fraud seems to rise every year in the United States. At Vision Legal, Inc., our consumer fraud and protection team work tirelessly to help victims obtain restitution and compensation for damages they suffer.

Consumers in California are covered by several statutes that prohibit consumer fraud and provide strong remedies for violators. These statutes include the Consumers Legal Remedies Act (“CLRA”), which prohibits a variety of business and marketing practices that are misleading, likely to deceive, or outright deceptive. In addition, consumers are protected by California’s Unfair Competition (“UCL”) and False Advertising (“FAL”) laws.

At Vision Legal, Inc., we understand that the worst aspect of consumer fraud is always the victims, who are typically the most economically vulnerable segment of our population, the youth, disabled and senior citizens. To address this very troubling aspect of consumer fraud, the CLRA includes increased penalties for victims who are senior citizens or disabled.

The Consumer Rights team at Vision Legal, Inc. believe that the law should go even further. We are dedicated to obtaining the maximum relief for our clients who have been victimized by false or misleading corporate tactics, in Long Beach and the surrounding area.

If you are concerned that you relied on a company’s promises in its advertising, marketing or labels, then you have many options available to you.  From simple demands to complex litigation and everything in between, the Consumer Rights team at Vision Legal, Inc. knows how to look out for you.

What should you do if you are worried that you have fallen prey to false, deceptive or misleading claims by a merchant or competitor?

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Speak with a Consumer Protection & Consumer Rights lawyer at Vision Legal, Inc. as soon as possible because delay could cost you valuable remedies. Vision Legal, Inc. understands the complexities of navigating state and federal consumer laws and can help you understand your rights and explain your options.

Together we will end the vicious cycle of companies taking advantage of consumers and competitors.