If you are concerned about a workplace situation with your current or former employer, or if you feel that a company has taken advantage of your trust and confidence, get in touch with an attorney at Vision Legal, Inc. today and obtain a free case evaluation.

Delay can impact your rights.  There are statutes of limitations, which can prevent you from exercising your legal rights after a certain amount of time.  The best thing you can do to look out for yourself is to get informed about your options now.

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If you are experiencing difficulties with a current or former employer, you may be concerned about retaliation or adverse employment action if you speak up.  The Labor Code protects you by providing penalties, up to and including criminal sanctions.  You have nothing to fear for exercising your legal rights.

The only thing you should fear is losing your ability to exercise your legal rights because you failed to act quickly.  If you are concerned about the legality of your current or former employer’s conduct, contact Vision Legal, Inc. and speak with an employment lawyer for free.


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