California and Federal Employment Law

As an employee in California, you are protected by some of the strongest employment laws in the nation. Federal employment law, the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), sets the minimum that all employers must follow, but California law provides many additional rights and benefits, far beyond the federal minimums.

California employment law protections are especially robust in the areas of overtime compensation, independent contractors versus employees, Fair Pay, discrimination, harassment, disability accommodation, meal breaks, rest breaks, vacation and paid-time-off (PTO), leaves of absence, privacy and background checks. . . If that sounds like a lot, it is.

Employers must follow the more protective legal regime, but sometimes they do not. Sometimes, employers count on employees staying silent and failing to get fully informed about their rights and legal options. Employment laws can also be complicated to navigate and getting just compensation often requires strategic action on the part of employees and their advocates.

At Vision Legal, Inc., we have helped hundreds of employees in class action and individual cases. We have worked across a wide spectrum of industries. From retail to manufacturing, agriculture to information and technology, Vision Legal, Inc. has the skills to help you solve your employment problems.

No one should be a victim of unfair employment practices, retaliation or wage theft.  At Vision Legal, Inc., we have helped countless workers and employees obtain justice against unfair and unlawful employment polices and practices.

If you are concerned that an employer has taken advantage of you, get in touch with a labor and employment lawyer at Vision Legal, Inc. today!  Delay could impact your rights.  Consultations are free and completely confidential.