Employees in California are protected by some of the strongest employment laws in the nation. At Vision Legal, Inc., we fight hard to protect employees’ and workers’ rights.
Every employee deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Discrimination and harassment have no place at work. That’s why at Vision Legal, Inc., we believe in taking our employment cases to court and seeing them through trial. We know how to present your case to the judge and jury so that they understand exactly what’s at stake.
The Labor & Employment practice group at Vision Legal, Inc., is dedicated to fighting against a wide range of unlawful employment practices, including:

  • discrimination & harassment
  • wrongful termination & retaliation
  • unpaid or late paid wages & overtime
  • forfeited vacation & employee benefits
  • unreimbursed work-related expenses
  • unlawful deductions & wage theft
  • denial of accommodation & promotion
  • family and/or medical leave violations

More information is available about Employee Rights but you should also check out our Resources but don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us directly.


Laws prohibiting false and misleading advertising, labelling or marketing practices are very tough in California. These protections extend to individuals and businesses who may have fallen victim to consumer fraud, which can take on many forms. (check out our article on the Top 10).

At Vision Legal, Inc., we fight hard against corrupt corporations who violate consumer protection laws. We know from years of experience that companies do not need to cheat or lie in order to make a profit. Indeed, many companies play by the rules and follow the law and they should not be punished by businesses that unfairly compete.
Vision Legal, Inc., believes strongly that these companies must be held accountable to the fullest extent possible. That is why we fight hard to obtain the maximum possible remedy for our clients. Our Consumer Protection & Fraud practice group is dedicated to:

  • holding entities accountable for misleading the public
  • ensuring the safety and reliability of consumer goods
  • demanding transparency and integrity in consumer transactions
  • prohibiting entities from obtaining unfair advantage by violating the law
  • protecting the public interest

More information is available about Consumer Protection & Fraud and we also have many Resources but the best route is to reach out and Contact Us directly.