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We have helped hundreds of employees and consumers in class and individual actions obtain the just compensation they deserve. Vision Legal, Inc. understands the opposition.  We know how to win.


Free consultations, flexible retainers and affordable rates. Vision Legal, Inc. brings top-tier, zealous, legal representation to the service of employees and consumers because we believe that everyone deserves access to justice.


We get results. At Vision Legal, Inc., we are caring, unwavering, advocates dedicated to winning in high stakes trial and litigation. We fight hard and work tirelessly to turn your vision of justice into a priority for the judge and the jury.

Helping Solve Employment Problems in Long Beach and the Surrounding Area

If you are facing a current or former employer who thinks that they’re above the law, refuses to treat you fairly, respect your legal rights, or subjects you to unequal working conditions – don’t go at it alone! Contact Vision Legal, Inc. and talk to a labor and employment attorney for free, who can explain your rights and help you get the just compensation that you deserve.

Advocating for Consumers in Long Beach and the Surrounding Area

Do you feel misled or deceived by a company’s claims regarding their products or services? If you are worried that you have gotten an unfair deal or have paid for products or services that you did not intend to purchase, contact Vision Legal, Inc. and speak with an experienced consumer rights attorney for free, who can help you understand your rights and get you the remedy you’re owed.

Employment Lawyers in Long beach

Employees and Consumers in California Have Some of the Strongest Legal Protections in America.
Don’t Face Your Legal Troubles Alone – Let Vision Legal, Inc. Start Looking Out For You!

Looking Out for Employees’ & Consumers’ Rights!

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